Welcome to the SUSTOURISMO App!

Thessaloniki welcomes its visitors offering the opportunity to:

  • get in touch with the city’s history and gastronomic culture
  • travel using environmentally friendly transport modes to/from important points of interest
  • be informed of cultural events taking place during their stay in the city
  • gain a unique touring experience in the city by participating in organized SUSTOURISMO touristic packages.

1st Touristic Package

Discover the Byzantine aspect of Thessaloniki through a walking tour full of stories while further exploring the city by bike!

The first touristic package offers tourists the opportunity to dive into the city’s history and beauty. Tourists can find out the Byzantine aspect of the city accompanied with an experienced tour guide-archaeologist. The ‘travel’ to history starts with the Old Monastery of Vlatadon, the unique Byzantine Monastery that remains in operation in Thessaloniki and offers a wonderful panoramic view of “Thermaikos Gulf”. Continuing the tour, tourists can walk through Byzantine baths, monasteries, churches and imposing walls constituting the Byzantine monuments of Thessaloniki, some of which were recognized by UNESCO as World Heritage Sites. The experience ends with the possibility to enjoy a free 1-hour bike ride to further explore the city.

2nd Touristic Package

Walking talking food tour while further exploring the city by bike!

Experiencing this touristic package, tourists have the opportunity to discover the unknown spots of the Greek cuisine in the city of Thessaloniki. As the tourist walks with an experienced guide – a professional of the Greek cuisine, they can learn about city’s daily life while enjoying traditional viands in the hidden spots of the local markets. The experience ends with the chance to enjoy a free 1-hour bike ride to further explore the city.

For participating in the SUSTOURISMO Touristic Packages DOWNLOAD the SUSTOURISMO App either through the Google play store and App store or SCAN the relative QR codes!

The App has been developed by the Hellenic Institute of Transport (HIT) of the Centre for Research and Technology Hellas (CERTH) in the framework of the project Sustainable Tourism & Mobility Hand by Hand Development – SUSTOURISMO (funded by INTERREG V-B Adriatic-Ionian ADRION Programme 2014-2020).

Guidelines regarding the steps to be followed for participating in the SUSTOURISMO Touristic Packages can be found in the below links:

1st Touristic Package

2nd Touristic Package